Poopwatch 2015 is over!!

So poopwatch 2015 is finally over!  After 5 days of nothing but liquids, pain meds, (good ones), stool softeners, and the ever delicious miralax, I produced a small, but super crunchy peanut butter poop in the hospital.  You regular people?  Count your blessings.

 I was hospitalized on Sunday with severe pain due to chronic pancreatitis.  I’ve developed several cysts on my pancreas that are so painful it’s not even funny.  Ever since then, the burning question had been, “have you pooped yet?”  Everyone has asked me that:  doctors, nurses, the cleaning lady…so I can finally report success!  

Waiting to see a “pancreatic specialist” to see if he’s going to to an EUS, an endoscopic ultrasound of my pancreas. Until then, NPO, poopin’, and Law and Order SVU.


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