Sex in a Bowl

So dinner consisted of cream of tomato soup, cream of chicken soup, and a bowl of grits.  All delicious, thus the title of this entry.  It hurt to eat these, but not as bad as I thought it would.  With luck, tomorrow I’ll get to eat soft foods.  I can go home when the pain is under control, my lipase levels get back to normal, I can eat without pain, and I can get off of this oxygen.  I’m currently satting about 85 on room air, and they want it to be closer to 95 before I can go home.  It’s like the asthma attack I had last month; waiting out the symptoms is all I can do.

Just had a popsicle (didn’t I tell you?) and now I’m feeling uncomfortable, probably from the full liquids earlier. Also feeling short of breath and wheezy.  I’m tired, but I can’t sleep from the pain.  I’m wondering how the concert was, and really regretting that I missed it.  It’s almost time for my pain meds and I always hurt when it’s about time for a refill.

My gastroenterologist is on call this weekend, so he told me if I keep progressing like I am, I could go home as early as Monday.  I just don’t want to get home and be in pain again.  I couldn’t drive myself to the hospital this time (my sister had to take me) and the pain was so bad that I became one of those people I thought I would never become:  I moaned in pain the whole time I was in the waiting room and cried like a baby.  The pain was that bad.  However, the hospital was SLAMMED, and there were people there that were way worse off than I was.  There was a poor kid probably 4 years old that was seizing.  A guy with a massive heart attack.  A guy murdered in a shooting.  I could wait.  To their credit, I was the next person they took back.  I kept telling the doctors in the hospital last month (I was originally in the hospital for 6 weeks for my asthma flare up and first complained about the abdominal pain then) that it felt like I had pancreatitis but the gastro doc at the rehab hospital there blew me off.  He was an idiot.  I was beginning to think I was crazy, so I’m so glad they found it here.  Thank God for obscene abdominal pain!

So tonight was Big Bang Theory, Law and Order SVU (with more pizza commercials and a few chicken commercials thrown in to torture me), and now TMZ, but only because my TV remote is in the fritz and only changes channels or turns on and off whenever it feels like it.  I guess they haven’t paid the cable bill this month.  All the money my insurance has spent here, you’d think they could afford to; I’m sure I’ve bought my pulmonologist and gastroenterologist at least a boat, two houses, and a limousine by now.

Also, I’m itchy and hot.  I’m itching from the pain medication and hot from the steroids.  Where’s Christian Grey when you need him?  Turning down the AC is just not the same thing.  Insert sad face.


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