Eyes Wide Shut

So in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m an entertainment junkie who loves movies and music (why I picked that crappy Tom Cruise movie for a title, though, is beyond me.  Must be the pain meds).  Now my best friend Barry doesn’t understand watching the same movie 35 times.  He always asks me, “Did the ending change?”, but he’s 10 years younger than I am and has yet to understand the finer points of senility.  Plus with these movie studios nowadays shooting more than one ending so you’ll buy the blu-ray, it’s possible that yes, the ending did change.

Is today the day you set the clocks forward?  I can’t remember.  

The nurse never came back to repair my IV dressing, so I went to bed.  She forgot to reset the call button, however, so every 5 minutes after that ALL NIGHT LONG it was, <beep> “Can I help you?” Repeat.  Ad infinitum et ultra.  They couldn’t even send in someone to reset the call button, that’s how lazy [busy?] they are.  She finally showed up at 4:00 AM after I asked the care tech who took my vitals about it.  I’m on the labor and delivery floor this time.  I’ve literally been in the hospital so many times that I’ve been on every floor of it, and recognize most, if not all, of the nurses I have had this time, but this floor has been the worst floor I’ve ever been on in this hospital.  I’m convinced that unless you are actively giving birth at the time, they could care less about helping you, although last Sunday I was actively giving birth to my pancreas, and they didn’t care; they seemed to enjoy my screaming.  My niece found a baby monitor in the room when she visited means apparently they were listening to me scream all night and laughing (my nurse that night was named Ratched, but that’s a whole ‘nother post). It’s a minimum of 30 minutes before a nurse will come help you for anything. My meds have been consistently late, yet they always have an excuse as to why they are late.  The only exception to this rule seems to be the care techs, all of whom have been awesome, and my nurse Nikki, the one who told me I was her mother’s white twin.  She really treated me like I was her own mother, no pun intended.  Respiratory was supposed to be here at 8:00 AM.  Still haven’t seen them today.  It’s 9:30 and I haven’t had my morning meds yet.  My Synthroid was due at 7:30 AM.  Press the call button, wait 25 minutes for them to answer, rinse and repeat.

Anyway, the nurse eventually did fix up my arm:

The dressing was coming almost all the way off and I was afraid my midline was going to get infected.  The IV team is supposed to come change the dressing every four days (learned that last time I was here) but I’ve been here a week and haven’t seen them since they originally put it in.  The RN who installed my midline was the one who found the blood clot in my arm last time I was here and remembered me.

Waiting on breakfast.  I need to eat, even though it hurts (I was up all night with the pain again) and I’m not pooping (who knows WHERE my food’s going; I don’t even want to think about that). Pancakes and grits.  That’s pretty soft and hopefully won’t hurt too much.

Saw the gastroenterologist this morning.  He says the lumps are hematomas from my blood being so thin and not to worry about it.  He says I need to work out my discharge from the hospital with the hospitalist since he won’t be covering the hospital tomorrow, so I’ll see what she says today.  I have (surprisingly) had a fantastic hospitalist during the week.  The weekend one?  Not so much.  So hopefully either today or tomorrow I will go home, provided I meet my goals:

I think a more important goal is “be able to poop” but I’ve been here so long that I’m becoming obsessed with it like the doctors and nurses are; or perhaps since I’ve only pooped three times in the past 8 days I’m just worried it’s going to back up and start coming out of my ears.  Maybe that’s how I got the poop behind my ears the other day; it backed up and I never realized it.  It doesn’t explain the poop between the toes, though.

I’m new at this blogging thing, so I’m learning every day.  I just figured out that I can post pictures on my blog, thus today’s blog embellishments.  And this Miralax is vile.


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