I Had A Bad Day

Had a crappy day today.  I was up all night in pain.  It was really uncomfortable, so I only got a couple hours sleep.  Then I woke up feeling nauseous (or is it nauseated?  I always get those two mixed up), and that sucks.  I slept most of the day as a result.  

They gave me regular food to eat tonight.  It was delicious, but I’m up again tonight, hurting.  The pain is better than last night, but it’s still here. I’m making progress, though, because I’ve started dreaming again.  I have really vivid dreams, and pretty much the entire time I’ve been hospitalized, I haven’t dreamed, which is weird for me, since I dream almost every night. I had a couple of strange dreams when I got close to discharge from here last time, and one at the rehab hospital, but that was it.  Last night’s dream was that I was diagnosed with blood cancer.  I don’t remember the details, but I remember being in the ER, with the doctor telling me I had blood cancer, and I asked him, “Do you mean leukemia?” and he said, “Yes,” so I asked him, “So what do we do with this?” and he said, “You’ll have to see an oncologist.” and then I woke up.  I hope I’m not psychic. I have been in he past, and frankly it wouldn’t surprise me if I ended up with cancer (it’s just about the only major disease I don’t have at this point).

It hurts when I breathe deep and on my left side, and I’ve discovered two lumps in my stomach tonight that weren’t there yesterday that are concerning me.  I found them in the shower tonight.  I had scar tissue in my belly while they were giving me Lovenox (injectable blood thinner, goes in the stomach) but they stopped the Lovenox earlier this week, so it can’t be that.  Plus the scar tissue that I had previously is gone.  I have to remember to ask the doctor about it tomorrow.

Despite the pain, I am making progress.  I’m off the oxygen, currently satting around 92, which should be higher, but it’s better than 85, which it was when I got here.  The pain is getting better, so I hope to go home tomorrow or Monday at the latest.  The hospitalist wants me out ASAP, but the gastroenterologist says don’t be too anxious to leave, because he wants me fully healed before I go.  I was so green when I saw him this morning, I just moaned, so he said he’d see me tomorrow.  I hope to eat solids tomorrow, and then go home in Monday.   I’m still in pain from the pancreatitis, though, and I don’t want to go home and have the kind of pain I had that brought me here.

Also, I’m not really pooping again.  I had a small watery diarrhea this morning, but for the most part am constipated from the pain medication. That’s also painful.  So I’m eating the colace pills and drinking the disgusting Miralax (they claim you can’t taste it, but trust me, it’s vile) and once again on Poopwatch.

I’m up hurting, waiting on the pain medication, watching bad reality TV.  Sex Sent Me to the ER, Untold Stories of the ER, etc.  Now the latter was pretty interesting this time because it was a Valentine’s Day episode, and some guy gave his new wife a) a blender and b) diamond earrings for V-Day and what does she do but drop an earring into the blender.  Rather than tip the blender over and dump out the contents, (safety first, people!!) she sticks her hand in, leans over, and her boob accidentally hits the pulse button and blends her hand.  Awesome.  Did I mention safety first, people?

I had as bunch of visitors yesterday, and today as well.  My sister Niecy came by, and my friend Amy (all names changed in this blog to protect the innocent), and of course the hospitalist, the gastroenterologist, and the PA from my pulmonologist’s office.  She was asking for my history, so I was explaining everything, and her face lit up, and she exclaimed, “I remember you!  You were in agony last time I saw you!” So we caught up with the latest that was going on with me, and ended up chatting like old friends.  All of the people in my pulmonologist’s group are really fantastic, not just the doctors, but the PAs, the front desk people, the intake people, the RNs that work for the doctors, everyone is just top notch, and I honestly believe I would not be alive if it weren’t for these people.  My pulmonologist is a genius!  He’s the one who found my CVID, and he found my immunologist (who is also in the group) for me, who is also a genius.

So the bills have started coming in (I’ve been hospitalized for the better part of 8 weeks now) and the first hospital bill was $89,671.24.  Thank God for insurance!

Just got the pain medication.  I’ve got a midline in because I just can’t keep an IV in, and my dressing is in tatters, so my nurse is coming back to change it in a few.  I hope it’s not infected.  It hurts, but I think the pain is from the tape pulling on my skin and not from an infection, although I am really hot right now.  I’m sweating like a pig and it’s fairly cool in here.  It could be the steroids, though, because they always make me hot.  I’m still itching like a crazy person, too, again from the pain medication, so yet another reason I can’t sleep.  That and bad TV.

Time to get the dressing changed, and to find out about that guy’s surgery for a testicular torsion.  Ouch.


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